With a comprehensive list of contractor advantages, Marten Transport has the deserved reputation as today’s best choice for contractor careers. In true Marten form, the company doesn’t stop there; it continues to expand options to ensure contractor success. “It’s always been a priority to offer an excellent lease purchase program for drivers ready to own their own truck,” says Tim Norlin, Marten’s Director of Recruiting. “We’re always looking for the very best way to do that. We’ve decided to partner with Leasco through ATBS to make our program even more successful for operators. Their expertise and know-how help us offer a really great program.”

Through the Marten/Leasco program, operators have a choice among late-model equipment and are able to inspect their choice to ensure satisfaction. According to Norlin, drivers interested in leasing shouldn’t let their credit score hold them back. “We don’t make decisions on credit scores alone! Minimal money up front and fair monthly payments are aligned with the driver’s budget to ensure the ability to make lease payments and meet personal financial obligations,” Norlin says. “This means you get in the truck you want and start earning. That’s what we want.” In addition to its outstanding lease option, Marten has the regional runs that independent contractors are always hoping to find, giving contractors weekly home time and more predictable routes. Marten’s regional runs include the Midwest Regional, Southeast Regional, South Central Regional, Western Regional and its newest addition, the Mid-Atlantic Regional.

“These are the opportunities many owner operators have been waiting for,” says Norlin. Marten contractors enjoy these benefits as well: All license fees, including base plates paid; EZ Pass; 100% fuel surcharge; Qualcomm at no charge, with no monthly fee; rider program; referral bonus; performance and quarterly safety incentives; volume discounts and a full comprehensive medical plan. With so many distinctive advantages for owner operators, it’s no wonder Marten Transport is considered the premier choice for independent contractors. As a premium supplier of time and temperature-sensitive transportation services, Marten has plentiful freight and many new opportunities for regional or long haul.

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