Marten Transport, LTD.
Policy against human trafficking


Marten Transport, Ltd. (“Marten Transport”) realizes that the trucking industry is uniquely positioned to support efforts to address and end human trafficking. In a continuing effort to ensure that all people are treated with appropriate respect and dignity, Marten Transport condemns all forms of exploitation of adults and children. Marten Transport strictly prohibits its employees from using Marten Transport equipment to transport, or Marten Transport facilities to shelter, unauthorized persons, or to take any other act in support of human trafficking. All of Marten Transport’s drivers participate in a training program, which, among other things, includes education on the issue of human trafficking and how to report suspicious activity, and are expected to inform local law enforcement of any suspicious activity. In an effort to grow the awareness of human trafficking in its community, Marten Transport intends to promulgate this policy to all of its customers.