The Randolph L. Marten Scholarship Program started in 1998 to provide financial assistance to employees dependents who wanted to further their studies and go onto secondary education. To be eligible for the scholarship program, applicants must be a dependent child of a Marten employee who has been with the company for at least a full year, while pursuing secondary education at a college or vocational program. Recipients are chosen by merit by Scholarship America (a non-profit organization). When the program started in 1998, recipients were awarded $1,000. The program now awards $3,000 to each student. To date, Marten has awarded 226 scholarships totaling $390,000.

Marten previously awarded 15 students annually. This year to honor our 75th anniversary, Marten generously increased its scholarship award to 20 students. This year’s recipients are shown in the photo.

2021 Randolph L. Marten Scholarship Recipients