Scanning Solutions




Marten Transport, Ltd. utilizes Qualcomm scanning of Trip Documents.   This makes it easy and convenient to scan as you complete loads.  Do not hold your paperwork.  Documents must be scanned timely.  Scan deadline is 3:00 PM Tuesday CST (1500 CST) to qualify for that week’s payroll on Friday.  Holiday weeks may have adjusted deadlines.


Scanning needs to be completed either before you turn off your truck for an extended period of time (more than 10 hours) or right after you turn off your truck.  The Qualcomm unit will communicate for up to 11 hours after the ignition is turned off.  This will allow for the WIFI connection search or subsequent cell device send.


In the event you are unable to scan via your Qualcomm, scanning kiosks are available at most terminals. Marten Transport, Ltd. employees also can utilize Transflo and TripPak scanning locations which are located across the country at TA’s, Petro’s, Road Rangers, Loves, Flying J’s, and Pilot Travel Centers.

TripPak drop boxes are available for items such as Safety cameras or other items that cannot be scanned.  This service may take a few days for delivery to Marten Transport, Ltd.


Trip Documents include the Trip Report (Cover Sheet), all Bills of Lading, receipts, paper logs if not sending electronic, etc.  Once documents are scanned, employees should retain all documents for a minimum of 30 days.  Employees are prohibited from holding groups of trips.  Failure to complete and submit paperwork in a timely fashion may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


 The following pages will give you step by step instructions.  Once you have scanned your documents, the Qualcomm will search for a WIFI connection.  If no WIFI connection can be found within a 12 hours time frame, it will send images via the cell device in the Qualcomm itself.  You will get a confirmation on the unit once the documents have been sent.